Digital transformation of your contact center

If you’re ready to transform your contact center, you’ve found the right place. We’re here to reduce the risks of selecting a new CX solution provider.

Uncomplicate the Contact Center Buying Process

Simple Steps To Drive A Complicated Decision​

Step One


The most important step in our proven process involves taking time to understand our client’s business goals, how their contact center agents operate and why the current environment is not meeting organizational expectations. The practice leaders at Cloudlinx invest time & effort to work with every member of your team from the agents up through the C-Suite to grasp how the contact center’s business units are tied together to achieve the client’s strategic goals.

"I went from a 100% skeptic about what Cloudlinx promised in our initial meeting to a 100% believer..."

Jim Santiago

National Restaurant Association Sr. Director, Customer Operations

Step Two

Strategic Sourcing

The strategic goal of this second phase is to ensure that the cloud vendor which is ultimately selected meets all organizational priorities and requirements.

Cloudlinx will ensure any RFP is customized to your needs in a completely turn-key fashion. At the end of this stage, our clients are able to take definitive action with the right contact center provider whose contract terms are in their favor.

Step Three


This is the most common point where projected savings & benefits for the client can be undone. We work with you and the chosen supplier so no information is lost between sales and operations that can lead to mistakes. We stay tightly aligned and involved to drive the solution forward so that it is delivered on-time and in the way you & your agents were promised.

"We saved a ton of time, effort & money by working with them..."

Ryan Gronlie

Technology and Support Center Manager, Ashley Furniture

Step Four


Cloudlinx ensures that the solution was delivered with management ease in mind and we work to ensure you have access to proper ongoing training, technical support, the ability to proactively manage the solution and that your team has an escalation point in Cloudlinx for any issues that may occur. We are with you throughout the lifecycle as a strategic asset to your business.

Migrate your contact center to the cloud with 6x the decision making power

The Meaning of 6x Decision Making​: When it comes to making a strategic vendor selection that will impact an organization from top to bottom; contact center managers should not have to rely on generic third-party reviews or quadrants to make that decision. For decades, Cloudlinx has built a reputation for being able to understand and translate call center complexities to help businesses find the right cloud provider for your contact center that is based on your needs & goals, not everyone else’s. ​
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Avoid Mistakes

Leverage the experience of having migrated thousands of agents over a decade instantly for you and your project’s success.

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Cost Avoidance

Negotiating any CCaaS contract involves so many more factors than simply getting a good price on a per agent seat.​

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Complex Coordination

As a contact center manager you are tasked with keeping the operation running while implementing a new technology. Cloudlinx will bring valuable bench strength to your team.​

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Time Management

Partnering with Cloudlinx will deliver valuable time back to focus on the other projects which will impact the success of the contact center and would have taken a back seat to a CCaaS migration.

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Decision Confidence

We help clients see the mistakes they do not have to make so that they ​have the assurance of having made the right decision.

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Deployment Speed

Speed at the expense of execution is a costly error. Working with our team will keep you on target, on-budget and away from the dangerous pitfalls easily made with rapid deployments.

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Our Agnostic Approach Translates To Industry Wide Experience

How we help

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Proven Negotiation Strategies

By partnering with Cloudlinx, our clients come to the negotiating table with strategic advantages in the buying process. Key points such as terms, commitments, service level agreements, professional service costs and timelines are already considered and agreed to in proprietary contracts Cloudlinx has with the cloud providers. This saves valuable time in the overall project timeline.​

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Change Management

Just like every contact center, every cloud migration engagement comes with its own complications and nuances which are unique and made more difficult when attempted without an experienced partner. Whether it’s a small CCaaS migration or a global WAN deployment, our clients learn to trust the Cloudlinx process as we communicate efficiently to avoid duplication of efforts and ensure the job gets completed right the first time.

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Real-World Experience

Our Founders and employees alike come to a client engagement with decades of real experience based on managing projects with career impacts on the line and not business school theory. This results in our clients having the confidence that their cloud vendor selection is backed by thought leaders who have their business in mind and their agent’s empowerment front and center.

Cost Avoidance
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Cost Containment

Valuable Support Negotiating a cloud contact center contract is part art and part science. Cloudlinx works with our clients to ensure we craft the right deal for them. This means ensuring the right terms and with the right protections for their business. Our no-cost model guarantees we negotiate the best possible rates, so you are a long-term client.​