Mistakes can derail your migrations

Most contact center professionals making a cloud vendor selection are doing so for the first time and do not have the experience to see the mistakes they could have avoided. The team at Cloudlinx has a decade of real-world practical experience to ensure that project is successful, and your team is ready on day one.

The Contact Center Problem We Solve

In today's market, choosing the right contact center provider is more complicated and organizationally impactful than ever before.

There are simply too many providers in the space with little standardization & wide capability gaps for any contact center manager to clearly understand in the course of their job. Our clients need to enable their agents effectively while operating a strong and vibrant contact center day to day which means that there is little time to do this level of research and vetting.

"They are the ONE partner I have that I have never need to push or to follow-up on, they seem to always be a step or two ahead of me."

Tupper Kinder

VP of IT & Business Systems. Itochu Prominet

How We solve it

We eliminate the confusion and anxiety by utilizing years of experience,

along with a defined & tested process to ultimately select the right provider for your business’s unique needs. This process starts with a thorough understanding of your business and ensures that the right provider is ultimately chosen based off their ability to work with your agents to provide exceptional customer service.​

What we commit to

Our commitment to clients is to make the process based on their specific business goals and not that of the cloud provider.

Cloudlinx remains agnostic to which provider is chosen so long as that vendor suits the client’s needs and empowers their agents to become enablers of the company’s mission statement. Our financial model is based on not actualizing any revenue from a project until it is in place, tested and fully approved by the client and not a penny is made before that.

"Finally, a partner that not only thinks of your current needs and takes the time to understand your business..."

Doreen Sussman

Brother International Printing
Senior Manager, Procurement & Vendor Management

8 questions to ask yourself
to avoid mistakes

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Are your channels working?

Continuous improvement is always the goal. How are you ensuring your standards are being met & your teams are improving at the end of a call? Can you measure accurately?

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Can your client help themselves?

Does your client want to help themselves to service solutions? Does your product make sense to do so? How does your client prefer solving their problems?

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Is every department compliant?

Security has become a mission-critical consideration in contact centers. How do you ensure that your client info is secure & that your network is protected? Do you want to be responsible for each level of compliance?


Are we training correctly?

Continuous improvement is always the goal. How are you ensuring your standards are being met & your teams are improving at the end of a call and at regular sessions?


Are we ready for this?

Are our CRM & processes ready for a migration? Do we have the time to handle the entire process? Who is team lead for evaluation, migration & support? Are we buying the right tools?​


Are your systems ready?

Are you giving your agents one window or multiple? Do you have your own network and who is responsible for its uptime? How are you ensuring a stable platform?

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What is your culture?

What is your agent profile? What is your company culture? Do you want to empower your agents to drive interactions and gives them a quality experience in their role?​


Are certain tools right for you?

How are you measuring your teams? How are you driving results? How are you firing the competitive juices of your agents to present your story better? Do your agents have access to information easily?​

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