Cloudlinx Transformed our Contact Center in 6 Months and Saved us $400,000 annually

Our client lost its hosted call center and Cloudlinx came to the rescue, managing the transition on its own.


A multi-national business machinery company initially had a deep unhappiness with their phone service provider and relied on Cloudlinx to rescue them. Cloudlinx provided them with a custom solution integrating Hosted VoIP and MPLS. However, the client quickly encountered another challenge when its hosted call center discontinued their solution. To make matters more difficult, the customer had never handled a call center transition that entailed integrating a complex network architecture. They were unsure of who or even how to select a replacement and to design a solid network architecture to support this next generation technology. They turned to Cloudlinx as their technical advisor.


Cloudlinx managed the entire process of implementing a new cloud contact center solution. This included developing a current state analysis and needs assessment by leading various strategy meetings to understand the business and technical requirements. A customized RFP was developed to standardize the client’s requirements for issuance to eight different providers. After carefully assessing all options, a final recommendation was completed, and a call center provider was chosen. Level-setting and selecting a final vendor was a daunting task considering that each provider develops their own solutions and has many nuances and hidden technology limitations that had to be uncovered.

Cloudlinx developed, deployed and managed a dual-carrier MPLS network for the client to power a new secure, reliable and scalable cloud contact center software solution. We selected the appropriate provider based on several factors, including a cloud-based solution which allows employees and agents to log in anywhere — enabling a remote workforce, cost flexibility and project management flexibility.

Furthermore, Cloudlinx handled every aspect of the deployment of this complex contact center coupled with an extensive implementation plan and project management plan. This included weekly calls, integration of Oracle services, business process outsourcing, security protocols and coordinating with internal IT teams. In addition, a security solution was incorporated including intrusion detection and prevention.


Cloudlinx took the customer from a single, antiquated provider to a state-of-the-art, cloudbased contact center provider, saving them $400,000 annually. Adaptive network security provided the level of advanced security required by an enterprise-class organization. Cloudlinx managed and oversaw a seamless integration of three different data centers and managed twelve-months of logs at the carrier level, removing this essential task from the plate of the customer, allowing them to concentrate on providing better customer service.

Cloudlinx reorganizes a contact center for a multinational business machine manufacturer


A multinational company selling high tech business machinery.


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