Migration Plan Allows Urgent Care Provider to Avoid Impacting Patient Care During Covid-19

Cloundlinx utilizes Managed Services Provider BMC ONE to help tan urban care provider sustain their expansion through the region.


The small IT team at this urgent care provider was struggling to manage all the different suppliers delivering voice and data services to their 150 locations. And with 20 new openings being planned at any given time, deadlines were being missed & vendor communication issues were creating problems. Additionally, there were cost overruns and billing issues resulting in services being turned off.

The organization had some very specific mission-critical requirements that needed to be met. First and foremost was diversity; because almost all their applications and systems are cloud-based, they need two circuits at required speeds. Additionally, their legal team had very specific co- termination requirements for how the contracts must be structured.
They wanted a trusted partner to get their process under control and help the internal team get new locations ready to open with the right diverse technology—on time and on budget.


With Cloudlinx utilizing BCM One, this urgent care provider got a powerhouse team to provide the capabilities and plans they needed for a multi-pronged solution delivered under a single banner. They received a dedicated MPLS connection, with cable for backup. They also added in 4G services for faster rollout of new locations and true redundancy. All their services are monitored and proactively escalated, as needed, directly with the carriers through the SNMP monitoring tool, Vitalview.

Furthermore, with BCM One’s BillPay Service, the company has the direct interaction they wanted with all the carriers, while enjoying the benefits of billing that’s consolidated and managed at a single delivery point. The solution is already in place in 60 sites and is being systematically rolled-out to the rest. They’re looking to build the next phase of their infrastructure with a plan for SD- WAN.


The technology solutions that Cloudlinx and BCM One provided came in at a competitive price, but the real value and savings are in the efficiencies achieved. The IT team has gained back time to focus on other areas while the Cloudlinx team project manages every deployment and coordinates the opening of all locations with a centralized team who owns the deployment. Billing is streamlined and easy to manage. And they can open new locations faster. With plans to launch another 25 new clinics in the coming year, the partnership will be critical to support their continuing breakneck pace of growth.

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