How the National Restaurant Association Moved to a New Cloud Solution in 45 Days

At the onset of Covid-19 Cloudlinx guides a national non-profit through a migration to a new & responsive CCaaS platform.


Our client was facing challenges on several fronts. The client had a looming contract expiration, agents that were complaining about support, there was a pandemic just beginning to cripple the nation and force their staff to be managed remotely, and our client was new to the organization, and he had to get his hands around the business, the contact center and the client engagement model all while managing this switch. Cloudlinx was called in by a supervisor of the contact center to meet the new Director and to assist in finding a way to select a new vendor, document & improve their existing processes, and manage the CCaaS implementation in two languages before the expiration of their contract all while handling the rush of inquiries generated from the pandemic.


Cloudlinx expedited the onsite discovery and condensed it to a single working day so we could begin documenting and managing the creation of a customized and efficient RFP. We worked with several vendors before issuing the RFP to validate who would be well received and whose capabilities could match their expanding requirements as a business. Cloudlinx looked for a vendor with heavy project management support, strong technical capabilities, ready built integrations to minimize IT entanglements, had effective WFM, QA and survey tools and a solution that was easily customizable. This required the management of several demonstration of platforms that matched the client’s needs while keeping the lights on with the existing business operations and pre-validating project plans so that a contract could be structured with clear deliverable milestones and penalties for missing these deadlines.


At the end of this project the client had a brand-new service delivery model allowing them to communicate with their clients over several mediums including voice, chat, email & SMS. This solution integrated into their website development plans and allowed for them to incorporate new acquisitions easily and without interruption to the existing business. Additionally, the IT resources, stretched thin from the pandemic, were able to manage running the business instead of operationalizing a contact center. The client could adequately gauge their client’s satisfaction using new survey tools and could report back on the success of their efforts in a way that made the agents happy and management comfortable with the results they were getting from a WAH staff. An added benefit to the project was that our no-cost model at Cloudlinx allowed them to see this change and keep all the 20% savings generated by the project.


National Restaurant Association

Number of agents

50 full time agents


  • Next Generation CCaaS
  • Integration of a new CRM
  • Heavy project management
  • Surveying and KPI management
  • WFM, QA, Chat, E-mail and chat bot tools
  • Progressive contract terms

"I went from a non-believer in Cloudlinx to a 100% fan of the work they did for us!"

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